7 Best Emoji Apps for Android Users ( Free Download )

One of the best ways to communicate non verbally is by using emoji faces. Sometimes, it is not so time friendly if you try and explain what you are feeling to others by using text and it becomes an arduous task. Sometimes, plain text is misunderstood and it causes errors in your communication. This miscommunication might lead to huge misunderstandings. The simplest way to express yourself is using facial expressions which are appropriate as per the situation. Also, we can now do that digitally using the emoji features in our Android smartphones.

It is not just entertaining, but it’s also helpful to the sender as well as the receiver because they can express themselves as bright as the day. Hence, the more interactive as well as stimulating conversation. There is an assortment of emojis available on Android phones by default, and they are updated regularly as well. Sometimes, those plethora of emojis is still not enough to convey our feelings or make the conversation fun and interactive. That is the reason, the Android developers have started creating more and more emojis using the code functionalities, and they are continuously uploading applications on the internet and more specifically, the google play store. As always, some developers have a bad taste and are not cut out for the task of building interactive emojis. Therefore, to shorten the list for you, we have created this article which consists of the top 7 Emoji applications for Android smartphones.

Best Emoji Applications for Android:

1. Imoji

This application is one of the best applications which you can use for drastically improving your chatting experience. It will introduce you to loads of new and interactive features which are not available in the Android applications these days.

You will get a custom elastic search bar which is really good for searching even if you made an error in your spellings. The developers can create different types of emojis and share their own emojis there. This is the reason we are so inclined towards this application as one of the best. You can easily discover new emojis every day. You can also create your own emoji using custom tools in order to share them in this application.

The other good thing is that using this application; you can share the emojis you love with others on popular networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and many more. This application has only one con; you can only use this application to interact with others if they have the same application. The services it provides is worth it.

2. SMS Rage Faces

This is one of the most trending applications in the market right now. There are loads and loads of awesome faces which are unusual but fun to play with. There are 2400+ faces available as of now, and they are continuously increasing with regular updates.

You can use this application by touching the emoji you like and tapping the share button which pop-ups on your screen on social networks. The faces that you use most of the times are automatically added to the list of your favorite bookmarked emojis, and you can go through the list to get a better selection. All the emojis are refined in every update.

3. Swiftmoji – Emoji Keyboard

This is one of the best-automated applications we have ever seen in the market. This application will automatically suggest the best emoji you can use so that it matches the conversation you are having with someone. You will not need to custom search for the emoji because the emojis will come to you instead. It’s like this application has a psychic ability to fetch the appropriate emojis for you accurately.

4. Emojidom Emoticons for Texting

This application has a plethora of choices to offer, and the quantity is so high that it will leave you bamboozled. The application can be termed the city of emojis because of the extensive content database it has. The application will offer you so much that you will never get bored again while texting someone. More than 4100 emojis present in one application surely make it something great.

This application is free on google play store, and it supports all the smartphones(Android).

5. Kika Emoji Keyboard

One of the top-grossing keyboards, you get all the emoticons, GIF images as well as exclusive stickers!. Easily share it on any networking website. It comes feature-packed with auto-correction as well as prediction. You can also customize the themes.

6. Swiftkey Keyboard Plus Emoji

This keyboard is already famous as is and now it also comes packed with loads of interactive emojis which lighten up the conversations. It is powered by AI which helps it learn more and more about how you use phrases and form sentences.

7. Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji

This application is something unique, and it allows you to create your own customized personal emojis. You can use the keyboard application which is developed by Google and also known as the ‘Gboard’ to directly share the emojis which you manually created. The application is too entertaining!


This guide consists of each and everything you will need to completely enjoy the emoji experience. Make sure you download and give all these applications a try yourself so that you can choose the best-suited applications for your needs. We hope this guide helps you out. Good luck!

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