Artist Nagesh Goud – All You Need To Know About Him

If there is any painter that makes you want to reconnect with the roots of Indian mythology and different forms of traditional Indian art, Nagesh Goud is the artist you should take notice of!

Born in 1965 in Hyderabad, Nagesh completed his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts, Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University(JNTU) Hyderabad, in 1993. Nagesh also passed his Maharashtra Art certification in 1987 with Distinction.

Awards received by Nagesh Goud :

  • He was awarded a prize by LALIT KALA Samiti Siddipet.
  • He was awarded with Cash Award by Lalitkala Samiti Siddipet and JNTU College of Fine Arts Hyderabad in 1989-1991
  • He is the recipient of  PUPPET MAKER-11 award by Hyderabad Art Society in 2010
  • Highly Commended” by the Lalit Kala Samiti, Siddipet in 1987

Nagesh Goud Paintings: Signature Characteristics and the people on canvas

  • His style of paintings mostly feature experimental studies and prehistoric stories.
  • Nagesh Goud’s Paintings abstract, semi-abstract and figurative works majorly find inspiration from the great Indian epics – the Mahabharata and the Ramayana and his  imagery unsurprisingly is filled with ancient anecdotes.
  • He draws his inspirations from traditional Kalamkari and Paithan art.
  • His approach to art is new even though the subject matter is derived from age-old epics and myths
  • Nagesh is always experimenting with his art by using different mediums, such as Pen and Ink, acrylics, oil pastels  Watercolours and metallic inks etc.
  • His work in his latest puppet making series gives proper line and stroke with colour
  • He has heavy symbolism fused into his paintings, and because of this, he works with detailed imagery and intense hues.
  • His clever use of flatness and intricacy is a unique feature in his colourful works.
  • Strong flat hues embellished with intricate patterns and designs can be seen in the narrative of his art, which gets fragmented and then reconstructed to present you a visual feast.
  • The theatrical and dramatic effects of filigree, which include decorative patterns run through the cut-coloured composition of puppet-like figures brings forth his craftsmanship.
  • His compositions display a myriad of juxtapositions where the line, the colour,  and the application is a very humble effortless undertaking.
  • The potent and heavy rendition of his artistic narratives is not only fresh but makes it possible for you to have an interaction with each and every character.
  • With such an interesting approach to art, Nagesh Goud is able to diligently re-create the age-old narratives. He mixes them to a fresh dramatic theatricality, and the effect is astonishing.

Final Thoughts :

Nagesh Goud deserves his moment in the sun not only because he is an impeccable artist but also because of his ability to capture the lost connection with the grand old mythologies of India. He has shown his participation in numerous group shows, which include Gulbarga College of Fine Arts, Gulbarga; Vivek Verdhani College Art Gallery, Hyderabad, JNTU College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad. Nagesh has also been  part of many youth festivals such as  “POTPOURRI 88 “organized by JNTU College of Engineering, Kakinada and Hyderabad and “SHRUTI” organized by Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology Hyderabad. He is currently based in Hyderabad.  Do check out his incredible art!

[Credit: Naresh Goud]

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