Things to know about Suraj Kumar Kashi Paintings

To paint beautiful art, one needs to have amazing imaginative skills. I always have a doubt about Suraj Kumar Kashi paintings “whether he was born as an artist by birth or what?”.  His paintings look amazing, an eye meal for those who love painting and art. Want to know what is that perfect in Suraj Kumar Kashi Paintings? Here is a list of the things to be explored on his painting in deep.

About Suraj Kumar Kashi:

Suraj Kumar Kashi was born in June 1976, in a Jamui- a semi-urban town, Bihar. As said in the above, he is much interested in painted and thought of becoming a great artist from childhood itself. He went to Arts College, Patna to complete Bachelor’s degree and College of Arts, Delhi University to complete Master’s degree. Being good at studies from childhood bought many medals into his list of success stories.

After working for various multinational brands, he turned out into the painting field by signing out the job. His layers of paintings, acrylic paintings, and his creativity took him up. Each artist will have his own style of looking this and putting it on the sheet. To feel the delights in his paintings, you need to know more about Suraj Kumar Kashi paintings from here.

The Glory in Suraj Kumar Kashi Paintings:

When someone comes across Suraj Kumar Kashi Paintings, they can easily find exciting visuals depicted by the artist. Your eyes will firstly get attracted to the amazing roses, lilies, birds, female status added to his paintings. It makes you feel like, you are into the new world designed with beautiful architecture items like cars, chairs, jewels, musical instruments and many other. It is a known fact that the mark of an artist can be easily told by anyone when you can clearly understand it.

The twists in Suraj Kumar Kashi paintings should be explored every individual in order to know its inward significance. That glossy look can be offered only with Suraj sketchings because that way of painting the feathers, beautiful female patterns cannot be seen anywhere else. He has the talent to add various animals, birds into his art without making it as nonsense. The female figure faces are covered with different types of flowers surrounded by various creatures.

Suraj Kumar Kashi Painting Show:

He did various solo exhibitions at

1) Solo Art Exhibition at YMCA, Shimla and named it as “Nature and I“.

2) Watercolor and painting Solo Art Exhibition, Kangra in 2006 and named it as “Creative Eye

3) Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi in 2012 and named it as “The World of Desire“.

Not only these solo exhibition but he also participated in many group show every year. For these amazing paint arts, he got many Honours and Awards. Apart from these, he worked as an Art Director at Ogilvy & Mather Gurgaon from 2006 to 2009.

You can find Suraj Kumar Kasi paintings on social media i.e on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. One can purchase his painting frames at online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and any other offline stores too.

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